September 5 2012

Windows Server 2012 is launched

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After logging in to see my TechNet downloads this morning I could see that Windows Server 2012 is now available! More info here –

One of the best non-Microsoft overviews that I have seen is here –



I use a maximum of one Google Ad per post to help offset some of my blog hosting costs.


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May 17 2012

SCCM report – Packages that have been updated since original content was distributed


I needed to quickly identify all of the packages in a SCCM environment that had been updated since their original source (version 1) was distributed, along with the date this occured. The following simple SQL query formed a nice reports. This displays all packages Source Date and Version, ordered by Source Date where sourceversion is greater than 1 (updated since original content was distributed):


select PackageID,Name,PkgSourcePath,SourceDate,SourceVersion from v_Package where SourceVersion > 1 order by SourceDate DESC


October 19 2011

How to set date format and timezone in WinPE

I had a need for an accurate timezone and specific date format during Windows PE session when using SCCM OSD.

To change timezone:

At the start of the task sequence, run a command like “reg.exe import AUS_EST.reg”
This is simply an export of HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetControlTimeZoneInformation.
In my case, the contents of AUS_EST.reg looked like:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

“StandardName”=”AUS Eastern Standard Time”
“DaylightName”=”AUS Eastern Daylight Time”

To change date format in WinPE:

Mount WIM using DISM
Load hive “mount”WindowsSystem32configDEFAULT into registry
Navigate to the loaded hive then Control PanelInternational
Update the values you need to in here such as sLongDate and sShortDate
Unload hive
Unmount WIM using DISM, ensuring that you use the /commit switch

For more info on editing the registry for a WIM file, see my other post