July 31 2012

Windows Server 2012 Editions

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Microsoft have released details on the different editions that will be available for Windows Server 2012. It looks like Enterprise Edition has been dropped:

More info here – http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/server-cloud/windows-server/2012-editions.aspx



I use a maximum of one Google Ad per post to help offset some of my blog hosting costs.


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July 27 2012

SCCM policy refresh with Windows desktop lock/unlock

This morning I was reading that in SCCM 2012 if you have a Windows 7 and above client, the SCCM machine & user policy is refreshed when you lock and unlock a desktop (Windows key + L)…. I wasn’t aware of this.  So I thought I’d try it out…

It appears that the material I was reading isn’t completely correct….

In my testing, I monitored the PolicyAgent log and found:

• Machine policy refresh is NOT triggered when you lock and unlock your desktop
• User policy refresh IS triggered immediately when you unlocked your desktop, however there is no user policy action when you lock the desktop



July 11 2012

Deploying printer drivers during SCCM task sequence

I recently had a requirement to pre-populate the Windows 7 Driver Store with some printer drivers so that non-admin users could add printers without the need to install drivers for this particular model. I utilized the PnPUtil command to do this during the SCCM Build and Capture Task Sequence which will copy and register the driver in the c:WindowsSystem32DriverStore directory on Windows 7.

Simply create a SCCM package that includes all of the driver files (.inf,.cat files etc) and then in your task sequence use a command line step to run “cmd.exe /c PnPutil.exe -i -a  C:_SMSTaskSequencePackagesxxxyyyyy*.inf” where xxxyyyyy is your SCCM package ID.  This will scan that whole folder and copy and inject all valid drivers into the OS.  I reference the C:_SMSTaskSequence directory because my task sequence is set to download first and then run.  Afterwards I found this article which does something similar but uses the %_SMSTS variable to provide the location – http://blog.coretech.dk/mip/personal-note-no-5-make-driver-available-for-none-admin-user/ – so if you run from the DP then this may be more useful.


July 9 2012

SCCM 2012 hotfixes and KBs

A great new page over at TechNet keeping track of the KB articles and assosiated hotfixes for SCCM 2012.
More info:
RSS feed (fantastic idea) here: