July 11 2012

Deploying printer drivers during SCCM task sequence

I recently had a requirement to pre-populate the Windows 7 Driver Store with some printer drivers so that non-admin users could add printers without the need to install drivers for this particular model. I utilized the PnPUtil command to do this during the SCCM Build and Capture Task Sequence which will copy and register the driver in the c:WindowsSystem32DriverStore directory on Windows 7.

Simply create a SCCM package that includes all of the driver files (.inf,.cat files etc) and then in your task sequence use a command line step to run “cmd.exe /c PnPutil.exe -i -a  C:_SMSTaskSequencePackagesxxxyyyyy*.inf” where xxxyyyyy is your SCCM package ID.  This will scan that whole folder and copy and inject all valid drivers into the OS.  I reference the C:_SMSTaskSequence directory because my task sequence is set to download first and then run.  Afterwards I found this article which does something similar but uses the %_SMSTS variable to provide the location – http://blog.coretech.dk/mip/personal-note-no-5-make-driver-available-for-none-admin-user/ – so if you run from the DP then this may be more useful.


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