January 5 2012

SCCM Task Sequence Monitor

This is a great tool for automatically backing up SCCM task sequences. It basically monitors task sequences and will back them up whenever anyone attempts to change one. It’s very good for version / change control when there are potentially multiple people working on task sequences.

I have implemented this before but can never find the URL for it when I want it, so here it is for all to see:



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December 30 2010

Scheduled task Powershell script to backup Lync Server 2010 config

I’ve created a simple Powershell script to run daily to backup Lync configuration with the export-csconfiguration command:

cd $env:UserProfile
Import-Module 'C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft Lync Server 2010ModulesLyncLync.psd1'
$filename = "d:backup{0:yyyy.MM.dd-HH.mm}-config.zip" -f (Get-Date)
export-csconfiguration -Filename $filename -Force:$True

For example, put the above code into a document called d:backupbackup.ps1 and then create a scheduled task to execute the command on a daily basis:

powershell -command d:Backupbackup.ps1

This can run in the SYSTEM context. Simples!