March 27 2012

Running multiple commands in SCCM ‘Run Command Line’ Task Sequence step

A quick post on something that’s not overly technical. I was editing a SCCM task sequence and I wanted to run multiple commands on the task sequence ‘Run Command Line’ step without using a batch file.  I remember that Command Processor allows the & character to join commands together. I tested this out in the task sequence step and it work successfully. In this example it was “cmd /c del c:windowssystem32hal.dll /Q & cmd /c del c:windowssystem32ntoskrnl.exe /Q & cmd /c del c:windowssystem32ntkrnlpa.exe /Q ”



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Posted March 27, 2012 by danovich in category "Scripting", "SMS / SCCM", "Tools", "Windows


  1. By Yang Wan on

    Thank you Danovich! your post has helped me solved my problem I have been trying almost a month to fix it.

  2. By Lloyed on

    Thanks for your solution. I tried adding Multiple Run Command Line tasks for each command and it worked perfect. SCCM 2012 R2

  3. By Noel F on

    Just wanted to say thanks! Even in 2017 your post is still helpful (and relevant!).


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