November 16 2010

SCCM right click tools adds multiple ‘Client Tools’ entries

During a recent SCCM deployment I was installing the usual handful of 3rd party tools to add options to the SCCM console (more info here

This was the first time I had seen an issue with them – they seemed to add multiple entries of ‘Client Tools’ to the right-click context menu as shown below:

Even after an uninstall of the tools they were still there. It seems there is a directory where all these console extensions are located. The solution was simply to delete the entries from this location. As shown below, these 3rd party tools add directories to the <SCCM console install location>/AdminUI/XmlStorage/Extensions/Actions. I just deleted all these folders and reinstalled the tools.


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November 3 2010

SCCM Active Directory Schema changes

You’ll often need to detail what changes are being made during an Active Directory Schema modification / update / upgrade / extension / whatever you want to call it.

The SCCM 2007 schema extension does not change any existing classes or attributes, it creates 4 new classes and 18 associated attributes as follows:

attribute cn=mS-SMS-Assignment-Site-Code.
attribute cn=MS-SMS-Site-Boundaries.
attribute cn=MS-SMS-Roaming-Boundaries.
attribute cn=MS-SMS-Default-MP.
attribute cn=mS-SMS-Device-Management-Point.
attribute cn=MS-SMS-MP-Name.
attribute cn=MS-SMS-MP-Address.
attribute cn=mS-SMS-Health-State.
attribute cn=mS-SMS-Source-Forest.
attribute cn=MS-SMS-Ranged-IP-Low.
attribute cn=MS-SMS-Ranged-IP-High.
attribute cn=mS-SMS-Version.
attribute cn=mS-SMS-Capabilities.
class cn=MS-SMS-Management-Point.
class cn=MS-SMS-Server-Locator-Point.
class cn=MS-SMS-Site.
class cn=MS-SMS-Roaming-Boundary-Range.