January 6 2010

Review of I-Music IM 888 mini phone

I recently purchased a mobile phone in Bangkok to keep me going until I got back to Australia. The brand was ‘I-Music’ (http://www.i-music.in.th/) and was relatively unheard of, even in Thailand. The phone was the ‘IM 888 mini’ and I decided that since it was cheap it would do for a few months.

The phone has turned out to be surprisingly good. It has some really good features and seems to combine the good parts of several phones, including the i-Phone and Blackberry.

All of the good features are, however, overshadowed by one design flaw which was very frustrating to me – there is only a touch screen keyboard to compose SMS messages and there is no dictionary or auto-complete feature. This means that writing a SMS message is very time consuming and tedious, since the on-screen keyboard is very small and there is no pen provided, so you need to use the very tip of your finger to ensure you get the right letter. This is a very bad design flaw and affects someone like me who uses SMS as my primary communication tool.

I-Music IM 888 mini
I-Music IM 888 mini

Favourite points:

– 2 SIM cards
– Built in analogue TV and radio with extendable antenna
– Touch screen
– Slide to unlock feature
– Easy, one button screen lock
– 12 mega pixel camera
– Cheap – around $AU100

Negative points:

– Must use touch screen with small on-screen keyboard to write SMS text messages – no pen is included and there is no dictionary or auto-complete features


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